Dudhsagar Falls - Goa: Högsta vattenfallet i Indien

Goa - Norra Goa, Goa

Come and visit one of India's largest waterfalls, Dudhsagar, during the holidays! The waterfall is over 300 meters and is beautifully located in the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park.

The day starts with a bus tour along Goa's eastern side. Once in the national park, the trip continues into the jungle with jeeps before it's time to wander the last bit to Dudhsagar. Here we are looking for a cool dip surrounded by curious monkeys.

On the way back we make the last stop of the day at Goa's most famous Hindu temple. Why not sacrifice something to any of the Hindu gods? Just do not forget to take off the shoes as you enter the temple.


  • Breakfast, lunch and jeeptur are included in the price. Drinks are not included in the price.
  • Entrance to the waterfall is not included in the price, but costs 50 INR. Camera fee at the waterfall costs 50 INR.
  • This excursion can only be booked on the travel destination. Dudhsagar Waterfall Tour )


The highest waterfall in India, the place has a magnificent view. We were coming from Calungate beach and it took us about 2 hours 15 minutes to reach there. The roads are good and can be trusted on Google maps as well. We started by morning 8 and reached it by 11 (a few to eat staying in between). Better to perform some food because you cross Panji it can be difficult to find a good eating joint along the way.

At the National Park entrance you will be assigned a seat in a jeep together with a total of 8 people. It costs 400 INR and the bumpy journey takes about 45 minutes. In front of the fall there are plenty of monkeys that you can not feed with bananas, but because everyone bought bananas at the jeeps they get lots of bananas anyway. However, these bananas must be "smuggled" at a checkpoint, where you can also pay a small small fee in the entrance fee and a little bigger fee if you have a camera and 7500 INR if you take in a professional camera.

At the falls you can swim! Phew! Bring your food bag, because there is no food to buy when you sit in the jeep. Do not pay 50 INR extra to see "Indian Canyon" because it's just a small gap with big fish, as big fish swim in the pool at the waterfall! You lose half an hour and do not see anything in particular. Have good shoes when you go from jeep to case!

Our driver arranged tickets for us and showed us to our Jeep. The jeep trail went bumpy through rivers and into the jungle, an experience in itself. It's good to get away early, then you can go down to the beginning of the stage in the national park. The sooner you go, the longer the queues will be, and the jeeps will not arrive. Well in the national park, there were apostles who were in a few hundred meters. There are toilets but bring your own paper (!). It is good to swim in the waterfall and there are plenty of fish in the water and monkeys on the ground and in the trees. Do not feed the monkeys !!! a nice and enjoyable excursion that was appreciated by both young and old and is great for combining with a visit to a spice plantation .

Very much awaited visits for many years. Finally, it did in this during the monsoon rain. Great view of the falls. I loved it from far as the single can see the beauty as a whole. Took a train from Madgoan to Londa.

Official Dudhsagar Waterfall website

Dudhsagar Falls - Goa: Högsta vattenfallet i Indien

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